Sunday, March 02, 2008

Auction Roundup: Mastro, CSA, MHCC,

Mastro auctions a timely lithograph from sports artist Bill Dawson. Produced in 1958, this drawing features the Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" hitchhiking his way to the Dodgers new home at the Coliseum. Do you have your tickets for the upcoming March 29th game? I just got mine and I can't wait. This item sold for $150.00 and included another lithograph about the 1959 World Series.
Auction Link: Mastro:

Below is one of the rarest of all Jackie Robinson vintage collectibles, especially in this condition. This doll was created in 1950 and was sold only within the African-American community. It includes the very rare original tag and is in incredible condition. It rivals the doll I saw for sale in the famous Barry Halper collection about a decade ago. The only thing missing here is the original box. This doll sold for $890.00 earlier last month.
Auction Link: CSA:

Below is one of the rarest of all Baseball promotional items. I'll let Mile High Card Company describe it.
Presented is without question one of the rarest baseball collectibles ever issued as well as being one of the most visually appealing items to commemorate the immortal Joe Jackson. The offered collectible was issued by the George Frost Company of Boston, Massachusetts in what is widely considered to be their second offering of window store advertisements. Each of the 12 subjects from within the issue measures 4”x 8-1/4” and is printed on a thin cardboard stock displaying period lithography of the featured player... In our research we have found that there most likely is around a half dozen copies of this card known to exist.
It sold for an incredible $86,975.85.

Auction Link: MHCC:

Can you ever get enough of Babe Ruth in a Dodger uniform? Below is an original 1938 press photo from World Wide Photos that sold for $626.28.
Auction Link: MHCC:

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