Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Card of the Week: Hudler & Fielder

I just can't get it together. Once again I missed a "Card of the Week" last week so I will make it up today by posting 2 cards. If you haven't noticed yet I love the weird and offbeat cards. There are only so many photos of a guy taking a swing I can look at. Give me a player picking his nose or a slugger lowering his guard to take a rest on a beach chair while being serenaded by the Famous Chicken any day. Below is the very rotund Cecil Fielder in just that situation as he rest his bones for the camera.
The card below comes from the newest Dodger blog to come across my screen, Fire Ned Colletti Now. This writer makes his grievances known to all. He's not happy with the Dodger front office and he's certainly not happy with the moves Colletti has made since joining the Dodgers. What really endears me to this site, though, is that he dislikes Rex Hudler as much as I do. How that guy ever got into broadcasting I will never know. He is unwatchable.

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