Friday, June 06, 2008

Dodgers Draft Andy "Pullman" Porter

I can't believe I forgot about this. Thanks to Orel from the Sons of Steve Garvey we find out about the 2008 MLB fantasy draft of surviving former Negro League Players. Every team participated and the Dodgers chose Andrew "Pullman" Porter. Here is a complete list of draftees.

He wasn't altogether sure, though, how best to push for those men whose careers never took them to the Majors because of the color barrier that blocked their path.

Having mulled a couple of ideas, Winfield decided on one that he thought would serve as a salute to O'Neil and the brethren he left behind.

Winfield proposed holding a ceremonial Draft on Thursday for surviving players from the Negro Leagues. The Draft would be a way for Major League teams to connect the past with the present.

Thank you Dave Winfield for making this happen. The postcard above was produced in 1991 and comes from a 100 card set featuring Negro League players. Andy Porter is the third person on the left. It has been signed by the new Dodger.

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