Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mastro June Auction

Mastro always has some great vintage material to look through. This month's auction is no different.

Below is a fantastic rare relic featuring the Dodgers first year as a professional team, in 1884. It is a actual scorecard of an exhibition game featuring the Brooklyn Trolley-Dodgers and the Wilmington Quicksteps.
This was likely an exhibition game as the Wilmington nine were franchised with the one-year Union Association while the Brooklyns had just debuted that season in the American Association. We know that the game was played on September 20th that year, and the tilt was characterized by a total of 20 errors—grim testimony to the primitive equipment then available.
The greatest thing about scorecards is how you can literally follow the entire game by reading the card. You know what the lineup was, what happened every inning, who got the winning hit and who won the game. It's like you're able to enjoy a game that was played well over 100 years ago. Unfortunately, in this match the Dodgers lost to the Quicksteps 4 to 2.

Below is an original Dick Perez watercolor painting of Dodger great Don Drysdale. The painting is made famous because of its use in the very popular Perez-Steele Hall of Fame "Art Postcard" series. Those postcards are highly desirable and rank as one of the most sought after postcard sets in the hobby. Collectors often will try to get as many of the cards autographed as possible since they display so well. In fact, I have several autographed Perez-Steele postcards in my own collection; including, Duke Snider, Yogi Berra and Ray Dandridge. They are a great set with great paintings, and this original painting is amazing. What I would do to have this hanging on my wall.

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