Monday, June 23, 2008

The Other Side of Wrigley Field

Los Angeles sure use to look different in the 50's. Below is a great vintage photo, courtesy of Richard, of an old LA trolley car near Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. It's hard to believe the city use to be connected by a public transportation system rivaling any modern town at the time. I'm sure we all wish something like this existed today. It probably would have been well extended by now to include other local counties. Fortunately, the rail lines are just starting to come into their own and will hopefully expand to other areas of the Southland. It's about time.

Wrigley Field can be spotted in the background by its tall clock tower and multiple lights along the 1st base line. It would have been great symbolism to have the original Trolley Dodgers play here for a season. Baseball fans could have done their best Brooklyn impressions by dodging trains while getting to the game.

I love that billboard on the top left advertising an ale called Burgermeister. Has anyone every heard of this beer? It sure doesn't sound too appetizing.
Below is a view from the clock tower at Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, it's a view of destruction. Wrigley Field is being torn torn down and we get a wide view of the occasion. The beginnings of the Los Angeles skyline can be seen in the distance.


  1. "Burgie" as it was called was a San Francisco brewed "light premium" beer. The brand was acquired by Schlitz in 1966. I was too young to drink it, but my father would not let it in the house.

  2. The phrase 'The Burgie has taken its toll' was coined after some rough second games of doubleheaders...on and off the field


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