Sunday, July 06, 2008

Blog Kiosk 7/6/2008

Three games under .500 and only half a game out of first. You gotta love the National West.
  • This is one of the best Dodger fan uniform ever! Courtesy of Home Run Derby. Check out the video they have of her running bye in the outfield bleachers.
  • Barry Bonds homerun ball #756 that was branded with an asterisk by designer Ecko has finally made it into the Hall of Fame. ESPN has the full background story of the negotiations between the Hall and Ecko. (Hat Tip: SOSG) Photo from Wax Heaven.
  • Check it out. Even George Carlin has a card. (Hat Tip: Trader Crack's)
  • Gavel Chat queries a handful of the most senior ticket collectors in the hobby to come up with their Top 10 Vintage Sports Tickets of All-Time.
  • Who's for a high-speed train connecting Southern and Northern California. It seems like the timing couldn't be better. It's on the ballot this coming November as Proposition 1.
  • Dmitri Young has one of the finest collections of rookie cards featuring Hall of famers. He has about 150 cards and all are in PSA 10 condition. That means they are in Gem Mint perfect condition, like they are fresh from a pack. At this coming National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago later this month it will be on display. Hat Tip: SCD:

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