Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kent Must Carry Us

There is one out in the top of the 11th inning. The game is tied 6 to 6 in a game that should have been won outright in regulation. Clayton Kershaw sure can't catch a break. This was his eighth start and probably his best performance so far.

Jeff Kent is up to bat. The future Hall of Famer is the one veteran on the team who knows what it takes to make it into the playoffs. After all, he's done it before. Pierre, Furcal, Jones and Garciaparra are currently stuck in "injury hell." We can't depend on them to come back and carry this team. Only Kent can do it. He must step up.

Kent is facing Wesley Wright with no one on base. With one mighty swing he lifts the ball deep into the left field stands for a homerun. This old codger appears to be picking up his pace. The Dodgers win the game shortly afterwards as Saito ups his save total to 13.

Jeff has recorded 5 hits the last 3 games, but is still hitting a paltry .261 for the season. If we are to make it into the playoffs then we need him to carry us. His 40 year old frame needs to do it one last time.

If we are to go to the World Series this year, as boldly predicted this afternoon on ESPN, then Kent must lead the way.

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