Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Legendary Auctions: Rare Jackie Ad Pieces

I'm back with a post featuring some great Dodger memorabilia from Legendary Auctions. In fact, there is so much to look at I decided to break it up into a few different post. As you might expect from a large auction house there are plenty of Jackie Robinson items. So, naturally, I'll start there.

In 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in Baseball. Soon thereafter, Bond Bread made him their spokesman. They advertised heavily within African-American communities with signs and a very rare 10 card set (Go here to see a previous post about this set) placed in loafs of their bread. The rarest of the items they made are the ad pieces created to pitch their products.

Below is a nearly 4 inch in diameter drink coaster of Jackie Robinson that advertises Bond Bread. This particular item is the only one known to exist.

This is a great advertising window sign featuring Jackie Robinson pitching Bond Bread. Only about a dozen have survived for collectors to enjoy.
Life inside the Jackie Robinson household was picture-perfect, judging from this fabulous 1947 Bond Bread window advertising sign. In its presentation, Robinson is seen showing his one-year-old son "how to become a future batting star" while other inscriptions declare that "Mrs. Robinson always puts Homogenized Bond Bread" at the top of her shopping list.

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Here is a large Jackie Robinson Bond Bread (10" x 14") counter advertising display. These are extremely scarce and highly sought after by Jackie Robinson collectors. For that reason, they have been reproduced/faked and can be found on eBay all the time. So be careful if you run into one. This piece is one of the few real ones you'll see and I expect it to sell for a nice premium. A nice bonus is that it is the only known blank-back version known to exist.
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