Monday, May 10, 2010

Horsin' Around

It's Carl Furillo Night on August 28, 1957 as the entire family comes out to a bevy of gifts at Ebbets Field. His beaming wife stands at the rear with a bouquet of flowers while his two young boys show off a brand new bike and pony. Something tells me, though, that one kid likes his gift better than the other. Look closely (click the pic to enlarge it). Youngest sibling Jon looks mighty sad. He's probably thinking to himself, "why can't I have the bike?"

Furillo, on the other hand, had other things on his mind. He had a game against the Cubs to think about. Fortunately, the pre-game event didn't distract him at the plate. He had a good night. In the forth inning he tripled in Sandy Amoros to tie the game at 1, and singled in the 11th. A young and still not great Sandy Koufax was the starting pitcher, but would only go 5 innings while giving up 8 hits. Ed Roebuck came in and finished the game in grand fashion by going 9 innings for a 4 to 3 win in 14 innings. I couldn't imagine a pitching doing that in Major Leagues today.

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