Monday, June 13, 2011

Could Manny Save the Day?

After being traded away last year, Manny Ramirez could still prove to have an important impact on todays' Dodgers. ESPN has the story.

The cash-strapped Los Angeles Dodgers must pay Manny Ramirez $8.33 million by June 30, a source said on Monday.

The polarizing slugger is due the deferred money from the $42 million contract he signed with Los Angeles before the 2009 season. The Dodgers traded him to the White Sox last year but still owe him an additional $8.33 million in 2012 and $8.33 million in 2013. Ramirez retired in April after failing his second drug test in three seasons.

Talk about possibly going full circle. He comes to LA and leads us to the playoffs, then leaves the game in disgrace, only to comes back around to potentially be our savior. Manny... you sure are magical.

On a side note, how sad is it that I and many of my brethren seek this kind of ending, any kind of ending, for the current ownership of the team?


  1. Hey, at least the whole situation isn't like the Bobby Bonilla fiasco with the New York Mets.


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