Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny- You Rascally Dodger Fan

Do you know who's 71 years old today? It's everyone's favorite rabbit, Bugs Bunny. Some of you may have already heard this. I'm betting, though, that this next bit of information is totally new to most of you. As the story goes, Bugs Bunny was born in Brooklyn, New York underneath Ebbets Field- the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Heck, according to the hare's original voice actor, Mel Blanc, he used a flatbush accent. So, by right, that makes Bugs Bunny a True Blue Dodger fan.

Happy Birthday Bugs!

To help celebrate this fine day I though I would put up Bug's debut movie, originally released today in 1940 called "A Wild Hare." Check it out below.

Video Link:

(Pic Link from Night Owl cards)

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