Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Topps Koufax Auto So Far- 2011 Marquee

Look at this card. It's radiates awesomeness. This Sandy Koufax autographed card would look beautiful in my collection. Unfortunately, I think the price is far above what I can spend today. It is from the newly and just released (literally today) Topps product called 2011 Marquee. It features a huge game-used uniform relic piece with an accompanying autograph on a shiny sticker. Check it out right here.


  1. I'd absolutely love to have a signed Koufax card and the swatch itself is nice but I can imagine a more pleasing card then this one. How much does a signed ball go for?

  2. that thing is ugly. I am increasingly weary of Topps' jersey pieces as well. Big piece of blanket with a sticker auto? bleh. That 2011 Topps Heritage on card auto though... THAT is some hot shit.


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