Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pete Reiser Pitches Wheaties

Here is a great vintage magazine advertisement page selling the "Breakfast of Champions" Wheaties cereal. I just love the artwork, and better yet, Brooklyn Dodger outfielder Pete Reiser, the Champion Base Stealer of the National League, had signed on to be the pitchman.
"Pistol Pete" was charges with 34 stolen bases during 1946. He committed 6 more felonies than any other cushion copper in big-league Baseball.

"Don't catch me missinG an important meal like breakfast when a dish of milk, fruit, and Wheaties is on the menu" says champion Pete Reiser. "Those whole wheat flakes come through in the nourishment department- and they've got a flavor that makes 'em mighty easy to take." Make it Wheaties, "Breakfast of Champions," every morning.

"Among Reiser's loot were 7 thefts of home plate. With these master burglaries, Pete carried off a modern Major League record."
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  1. You just don't hear phrases like, "cushion copper" anymore. Heh, heh, cushion copper.


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