Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 11/22/2011

Will Matt Kemp be at the podium again today? (Pic Link: Lockerz Matt Kemp)
  • Jonathan Broxton appears to be a sought after commodity, via Lasorda's Lair.
    His dominance as a closer over a few years was remarkable. Unfortunately Joe Torre misused him, and after a disastrous Interleague outing in 2010 where he pitched a eye-popping number of pitches and was brought in to pitch in subsequent games, his arm was never the same. We witnessed him nosedive and the plethora of blown games to follow soon after.
  • GCRL makes a good observation. 2011 was a good year for Dodger Stadium in cards.
  • Fangraphs makes a case for Matt Kemp as MVP.
    In terms of our version of WAR, the trademark stat here at FanGraphs, Kemp was the most valuable player in the National League this season and by a not small margin either. His performance was worth 8.7 wins, a half-win ahead of Roy Halladay (8.2) and nearly a full win ahead of Ryan Braun (7.8).
  • Night Owl Cards shows off a great 2011 Matt Kemp night card.
  • Via SCD, 'Guilty Pleas in Jersey Fraud Cases.'
    Three men pleaded guilty Monday in Federal Court to separate but related fraud schemes involving the sports memorabilia business and the purchase and sale of equipment and uniforms used by professional and collegiate athletes.
    They acknowledge that some uniforms were sold to card manufacturers which puts a giant question mark on all relic card inserts.
  • Here are some Matt Kemp highlights from 2011 from the Dodgers.

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