Friday, December 16, 2011

A Dodgers Shield and Coins

I've always thought this was the coolest vintage Dodger collectible out there. It causes me to imagine a great Dodger superhero with a mask and a cape. Our blue suited hero would fight crime with the powers of this mighty shield adorned with the images of the great Dodgers of the past. No one can defeat the collective powers of Koufax, Snider, and the rest. The orange clad villains from the northern bay, and the upstart red step-children to the south would be no match for us. He would jump out of the shadows and crush them with the power of the great Dodger in the sky and with the craftiness that make Dodger pitchers the stuff of legends. He would be invincible, and all of Los Angeles would rejoice in his honor.

Yhea, I've got one crazy imagination.

Anyway, this a 1962 Salada Coin set with shield display that I ran into on Ebay. It's a great little item. Check out some close-up pics below. All of the stars of the time are there. I've yet to add one to my collection, but it is definitely on my want-list.

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