Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 1/13/2011

All this mindless speculation is driving me numb. Let's pick a Buyer and start the season already!
  • Do not want Alan Casden to buy the Dodgers! Via LA Times.
    In 2003, Casden proposed buying the Dodgers, moving them to a new downtown ballpark and tearing down Dodger Stadium to build housing on the site.

    "They knock down stadiums all the time," Casden told The Times then. "Dodger Stadium is not an antique. It's not Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a nice place to play baseball, but there are far better."
  • Via Baseball Prospectus, I'm imagining Ted Williams as a Dodger. Click pic to embiggen.
  • Meet wedding crasher Wade Boggs, via Yardbarker.
  • Oh Yhea! Time for me to swoop in. Olivia Munn is now available, via
  • Opinion of Kingman's Performance explores why we are so hated.
  • The "no way MLB will take you seriously candidate, " Josh Macciello, will be attending Dodger Blogger Softball Tournament. Details here.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Quick for being selected as a goalie on the All-Star team, via LA Kings Insider.
  • SCD tells us that another reality show centered around the card hobby is about to hit ABC. It's called "Ball Boys."
  • Here is a nice video of Matt Kemp cheering up some folks at the City of Hope.

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