Saturday, April 07, 2012

2012 Topps Museum- Dodgers Autographed Cards

Following up on my post from a couple of days ago, here are some of the autographed insert cards of Dodger players that can be found in Topps Museum Collection.

There are two different Clayton Kershaw autographs.

Both card are numbered to just 100 copies.

Only 25 of these Sandy Koufax cards were signed.

There are also two different Matt Kemp cards, but none of them were seeded into packs. Instead a redemption card is provided.

The card below is a Framed Autograph card of Kershaw that is numbered to only 15 copies. This is the gold frame version. A silver and black frame parallel versions are available that are even more rare. BTW, a complete checklist for the 2012 Topps Museum set can be found here.

Here is a Momentous Material Jumbo autographed card of Kershaw. I love the look of an auto paired with a patch piece. It could only be better if it was an on-card auto. Dee Gordon, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp cards also exist.

Below is the Duke Snider Momentous Material Jumbo.

I've always wanted a booklet card. I think the below Snider auto/ bat relic book card would be just right. It is a Primary Pieces Quad Relic Autographed Booklet.

Below are a couple of Signature Swatches Dual Relics of Kershaw and Snider.


  1. This product is amazing!

  2. Love em wish they were all on card autos but they are really nice!


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