Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Koufax Heritage Auto'd Cards Have Been Found

So they do exist!

The 2012 Topps Heritage cards have been out in the market for almost a month now, and until recently a Sandy Koufax autograph card had yet to show up.

How could that be? An inquisitive collector might ask. Well, it's because Topps decided to pull a fast one.

BTW, above is the red signature card, numbered to 10, and below is the base signed card of Koufax.
Just in the past few days, 4 different Sandy Koufax 2012 Topps Heritage cards showed up on eBay. So, master-bulk-case-breaker Brent Williams did what any hardcore collector would do. He contacted a seller to find out the details. Below is his first tweet related to that investigation.

I see now. It appears that Topps did not include them in hobby boxes. Instead, they can be found in retail boxes at your local shopping center (i.e. TArget & Walmart). Brent follows up the above tweet by confirming that all 4 Koufax's that have been on eBay were found in retail boxes.

I guess that means I'll have to go to Target to try to get one. Now, should I buy a blaster box, or a rack (hanger) pack?


  1. I think I'm gonna have to hit Target too. I prefer not to buy cards from the big stores. I like supporting local small businesses like my LCS.

    1. I hear ya... that's my preferrence too... ya know the bad thing about this is that there is likely to be a few Koufax's that get damaged or lost. A lot of parents buy random packs for their kids not knowing there could be a valuable piece of cardboard in there.

      I saw a handful of my 6yr old nephews hoard of cards from target and noticed a couple of sparkle cards from last season in there. I tried to explain their scarcity to the kid, but his 6 year old mind didn't care.

    2. I can imagine all the pack searching now.


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