Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Topps Archives- Dodgers Base Cards

The newest Topps set officially came out earlier this week.  It is called Topps Archives, and if you guessed that it features players in vintage card designs then you would be right.  The Archives brand is an old one for Topps, and was a favorite for collectors.  So, when Topps announced its return much of the hobby rejoiced.  On top of that, the hobby went into a frenzy when Topps followed up that announcement by mentioning that the "Fan Favorites" autograph subset would also be coming back.  I'll feature the Dodger cards from that subset in a later post.  Below, check out the Dodgers base cards from the set.  There are 7 Dodgers represented with the last two cards being short printed.  Note that Brett Butler is included as a former "Fan Favorite." 

Using the vintage 1954 design, here are Matt Kemp and new version of Jackie Robinson.

#1      Matt Kemp

#39    Jackie Robinson

This is a 1971 Topps design, and below that are Gordon and Kershaw on 1980 Topps card designs.

#91    Ted Lilly

102  Dee Gordon

150  Clayton Kershaw

High Number Short Printed Cards:

Sandy Koufax is on a 1966 Topps card as they decided to change the photo from its original release.  They did the same thing with the 1992 Brett Butler below.

210  Sandy Koufax

215 Brett Butler   

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