Thursday, May 24, 2012

Huggins & Scott Auctions: Some Vintage Dodgers Memorabilia

Huggins & Scott is currently running their May auction and it includes several Dodgers related memorabilia items- most of which are brand new to me.  I always enjoys seeing collectibles of my favorite team that I have never seen before.

Check out this great Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" ceramic ashtray.  For vintage Dodger collectors the "Bum" character should be recognizable.  It looks exactly like the late 1940's to early 1950's doll/toy sold by Rempel.  In fact, the auction description states that it was manufactured by Rempel.  See an example of one here.  In this case, the "Bum" is ceramic (instead of plastic) and a cigar wielding fan can find some real use for it.  I will note that I have never seen or heard of this item before.
(Auction Link: 1950's Rempel Bum Ashtray)

The next couple of auction items are, in one word, AWESOME. 

I'm sure you've seen cards and photographs of the great Jackie Robinson, but how about vintage memorabilia showcasing his stay with the Montreal Royals?  Well, that is exactly what we have here.  Below are two (of 6 being sold in the lot) late 1940's magazines of "The Standard," which is a Montreal, Canadian periodical featuring some future Dodgers on the cover.  Note that standing behind Jackie (in the photo on the left) is the second Negro League player signed by the Dodgers, John "Needle Nose" Wright.  I wrote about him previously in 2006, here.
(Auction Link: The Standard)

The next auction item doesn't include Jackie Robinson, but does feature several other future Brooklyn Dodgers.  Here is a 32 item lot of La Patrie Album Sportif Montreal Royals pictures.  I think they were either included as premiums (pull-outs) in local magazines or given out at games.  Soon to be Dodgers include Tommy Lasorda, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Podres and Sandy Amoros.
(Auction Link: La Patrie Sportif)

(Auction Link: La Patrie Sportif)

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