Friday, June 15, 2012

A Childs Obsession with the Dodgers and Baseball Leads to Hollywood

This is a story of a 3 year old child obsessed with the Dodgers and Baseball.  Of course, that alone isn't unusual.  After all, this is America and Baseball (regardless of what football fans say) is our nations pastime.  What does make this unique is that this little tyke has some skills.  Heck, we might be looking at the next Bryce Harper here.  I jest, of course.  He's got a few more years before scouts start knocking down the door.

Christian Haupt is a Thousands Oaks kid with a ferocious love of the game and the Dodgers (obviously this kid is smart, too).  And let me note that I'm not being facetious when I say he has skills.  After watching a little video on him I think prodigy might be a good word to describe him.  In fact, he is so good he was able to parlay his early childhood brilliance into a Hollywood acting role in Adam Sandler's "That's My Boy."  You can see a trailer for the film, here, and see little Christian towards the end. 

You'll note that some Hollywood magic is used, but don't let that form your basis of judgement.  This 3 year old can play.  I mean, have any of y'all watched 3 year olds play ball.  It's hilarious.  They are so uncoordinated at that age.  On top of that, most children have no clue what is going on.  Christian Haupt, though has a Baseball IQ that is clearly off the charts.  His Mom sent along a link to a video featuring Christian during filming and I have to admit that I am very impressed.  I think scouts need to put this kids name down on their tickler file to check back on in a decade or so from now.  Anyway, watch the video below.

Video Link:

Do you see what I mean?  That kid can throw, catch and swing a bat- and he's only 3!  3!  Actually, he was just a few weeks short of three when this was filmed.  Holy Moly!

Here's another video of him at Fenway Park.

Video Link:

BTW, The Ventura County Star has a great writeup on him from yesterday that is worth checking out.  See it here
Christian's attire at Dodger Stadium — a full baseball uniform with cleats — doesn't merit a second glance, but it does warrant a few stares when he goes to school or the family attends church.
"Even if it's in the heat of summer, he wears full baseball clothes with the high socks and long pants," his mother said. "He won't wear shorts even if it's 100 degrees. He never takes it off. I have a laundry pile every week with 10 pairs of white pants with grass stains all over and holes in the knees."
A big thanks to Christian's Mom for sharing.

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