Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 6/12/2012

The Dodgers twitter provides a sneak peek at the Kirk Gibson bobblehead to be given out on July 31st.
  • Chad Moriyama notes that the Dodgers have already signed 11 of their 2012 Draft picks.
  • Ryan Dempster appears to be within the Dodgers sights, via True Blue LA.
  • Dodgers historian Mark Langill has a blog... you have to check it out.  It's called Dodgers History.  From his very first post
“How does one become a team historian?”
That is the most common question asked when introduced as a member of the Dodger front office. The answer? In my case, don’t hit the ball in Little League and you’re well on your way to a life filled with reference books, trading cards and anything else related to the sport and the hometown franchise.
  • Check out Chris's great post at Dodgerfan.net- "Pacific Northwest Dodger Fan Share Their LA Stories.
  • Bob Lemke relays a story I had never heard.  The Dodgers almost traded Duke Snider to Chicago in 1952.
In the lead story on Page 1 of the June 27, 1951, issue, The Sporting News publisher J.G. Taylor Spink wrote, ‘The startling Chicago-Brooklyn four-for-four player trade, which created a storm of discussion June 15, is expected to have an even more sensational sequel next season.

“In 1952, it is learned from a reliable source, the Cubs will receive Outfielder Duke Snider in exchange for $200,000 in cash, as the finale of the multi-player swap arranged just before the trading deadline this year.
  • Andre Ethier had a group of his friends on hand for the press conference this afternoon announcing his new contract extension.  Kemp, Gwynn and Guerra sit by.
(Pic via Dodgers Twitter)
  • On top of that, Ethier remarked that this year is the best year, ever!
(Pic Link: Eric Stephen Twitter)
  • Then, Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times drops some additional news.
(Pic Link: @DylanHernandez)

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