Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 6/27/2012

Talk about fair-weather.  Josh Macciello can kiss my rear-end.  I'm not sure why he thinks the current Dodgers owners are getting a free pass.  A team excelling well beyond expectations goes through a rough patch and this guy blames the fans for not demanding immediate changes.  I suppose we should trade the farm for a short term fix.

I should also add that I do trust Stan Kasten to steer this ship in the near-term and long-term interest of the team.  That said, I'm not quite at "In Stan, I Trust" mode yet, but considering his track record I wouldn't be wrong in believing that.
  • Matt Kemp is the National League team captain- which means he gets to choose who will be in the Home Run Derby.  Adam Berry at MLB reports that Kemp has decided that Bryce Harper will not be participating.  
"It's not because he's a rookie. It's just that there are other guys out there that are capable," Kemp told USA Today. "I'm not saying he wouldn't do a good job in the Home Run Derby. He's going to have plenty of time to participate in many Home Run Derbies. Just not this year. Nothing against him. I love watching him play." 
The Dodgers have informed their season ticket holders that they’ll have the exclusive opportunity to purchase individual tickets to the Sandy Koufax (August 7 vs COL) & Vin Scully (August 30 vs ARI) Bobblehead Nights starting at 10am this Friday, June 29.
In the email they informed that those tickets won’t be available to the general public, each season ticket account is limited to 8 tickets per game.
Obviously, this isn't the best solution for non-season ticket holders, but I don't begrudge the Dodgers for doing it.  After all, there's still StubHub, and this is a back door way of rewarding their season ticket holders.  Check out Eye on LA Sports to comment.
  • MLB's Official Historian, John Thorn, writes about Baseball's first professional contract.
  • Via Deadspin, A Dodgers son makes a big mistake.  Raul Mondesi Jr. failed to touch home plate on a game tying home run.
"On any home run, the umpire has one job, and that's to watch the plate and make sure the runners touch it. He said he (Mondesi) missed it by eight inches. It's a terrible way to lose a ballgame, but the guys learned a good lesson. From now on, make sure you jump on the plate on a homer," he added (Helena manager Jeff Isom).
  • "How to be Classy in 3 Easy Steps," via Will Cady's Ego.
  • Nephew to Don Mattingly, Danny Mattingly, commits to play football at Notre Dame, via CBS Sports.
  • Get your Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Champions wallpaper, right here!

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