Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hunt Auctions: Willard Mullin Color "Bum" Drawing

This isn't awesome because it's a William Mullin drawing of the fabled Brooklyn Bum.

Well.... Actually, that does make it awesome.  This drawing is awesomer (I've decided that this should be a real word) than your typical Mullin drawing.

Unlike most Mullin drawings I've seen over the years, this one has a full color rendering of the Brooklyn Bum.  As I sit here writing this I can't actually recall seeing another one before.

In the above scene, the "Bum" is wearing boxing gloves as he reminisces about two heavyweight boxers named Max Baer and Jim Braddock.  Click on the pic above to embiggen.

This appears to be a more modern drawing by Mullin based upon a date of 1976 at the bottom- two years before he passed away.  It is likely that this was drawn as a gift for a friend.  In fact, on the bottom right is a personal inscription from Mullin to a Mr. Tom Jobson.

This original vintage drawing was for sale at Hunt's Auctions during their All-Star Weekend offering a couple of weeks ago.  It sold for $1,700.00.

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