Thursday, November 08, 2012

Collection: 1956 Topps US Presidents Card Set

I know this is belated, but I figure it's better late than never.

Over the years, I have picked up and completed a handful of non-sports sets.  They are a great departure from the sports variety, and since sets are typically smaller in number they are oftentimes much easier to complete.

Some of my favorite non-sports sets are focused on American history, and the set featured here is my all-time favorite.  This is the 1956 Topps US Presidents set of 36 cards.  In celebration of our recent Presidential election, I though it would be appropriate to share this.  I've got a couple of other vintage Presidents sets that I will scan and share over the next week.

These cards are a little larger in size than todays typical sport card.  Click on any pic to embiggen.

Below are the reverse of the cards.

I love the artwork of these cards.  See the remainder of the set below.

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