Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dodgers Correspondence: Brooklyn Dodger, Mickey Owen

It's been several months since I featured some vintage Dodgers Correspondence, and I have sorely missed it.  I love checking out these old letters in hopes of some insight into their life and experiences.  Sometimes, I even discover some great advice.  To check out past blog post featuring Dodgers Correspondence go here.

Featured here is a letter written to a Jim Forrest from former Dodger Mickey Owen.  I found this on eBay the other day.
I am in the eleventh year of my retirement.  When I retired in 1980 my wife had to handle all the check writing, so I have no personal checks.
I think the writer was asking Mickey to sign a check for a small amount ($0.01) for his collection.  This was a fairly common request.  Today, I doubt anyone would fulfill it.

He continues:
The clipping you sent me were right.  I paid the $2,500.00 and I learned a lesson.  After retirement from Baseball I was elected sheriff of Greene County, Missouri in the Ozark Mountains.  Served 16 years.  During those years I was stabbed and shot by some of Missouri's meanest criminals.

When in danger act quickly and give no quarter, it may save you from serious injury or your life.
That's great advice Mickey.
(ebay auction)

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  1. what an interesting post.

    i'm playing poker later tonight, i'll remember mickey's advice.


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