Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rize Draft Baseball - Dodgers Cards - Yasiel Puig

There's a brand new card set in the hobby.  While doing some searching on eBay I ran across a card company I had never heard of.  They were a non-licenced kind of concoction with no team logos and a poorly crafted design.  Still, it focused on many up-'n-coming prospects; including Yasiel Puig, so I had to pay attention.

The card company is called Rize, and the set has been dubbed Rize Draft.  On the reverse it indicates Leaf Trading Cards as the manufacturer, so I naturally assumed it was one of their products.  As I read more about the cards on a forum thread on FCB, I realized my assumption was wrong.  Rize is a separate company who purchased a licence from Leaf and had them produce the cards on their behalf.  This actually caused a bit of confussion and controversy on the FCB thread, so Leaf President Brian Gray responded to collectors on the thread.  

The cards appear to only be available online, via eBay, from a handful of dealers.  It's likely that cards were sold directly to those sellers.  For the time being, there are no packs available, and no autographed cards - although, an advertising sheet I saw indicates that some autographs will be made.  Of note, these cards provide the only base cards available for many newly drafted prospects.  For instance, the only Yasiel Puig non-autographed base cards in the hobby are these cards.

See the Rize Draft Dodgers cards below (front and reverse).  Click on any pic to embiggen.

#67 Yasiel Puig

#79 Corey Seager

#90 Jesmuel Valentin

This is a part of a insert set called World Class.  Yasiel Puig is the only Dodger in the set.

Here is another insert card of Puig called Rize of the Prodigy.

This insert set is called Emergence and includes both Puig and Seager.

The card below clearly looks like it should be an autographed multi-card.

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