Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Collection: Donruss Signatures of Koufax, Snider and Sutton

I thought I would scan and show off some 1998 Donruss Significant Signatures cards in my collection.  These autographed cards are hardly scarce, but they feature 3 great Dodger players: Don Sutton, Sandy Koufax and Duke Snider.  As you can see they each signed 2,000 copies.  BTW, the most affordable certified Sandy Koufax autographed card is this one.  It can be purchased for about $100 to $120 each.  Compared to his other issues, that's a steal.

UPDATE:  I thought I would add that there is a second version of the Sandy Koufax autographed card that uses a different image and is a refractor.   This card is numbered #R3, and I understand that 2,000 autographed copies were made, as well.  So, it really shouldn't sell for much more than the card below, but I've seen several recent sales that say otherwise.  It look like the refractor version is sold at a slight premium.

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