Friday, February 01, 2013

Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 2/1/2013

What a cutie!  Check out a pic of baby Matt Kemp as tweeted out by his mother.
"By celebrating Jackie today, we're hoping to spread his message of respecting each other as a human beings," Mike Dutton, the artist who created the image, said by email Thursday. "Nobody else has changed the game quite as significantly — and with the same kind of poise and dignity in the face of adversity, no less — as Jackie Robinson." 
  • Fernando Valenzuela will be inducted into the Caribbean Baseball Hall of Fame in Hermosillo, Mexico this coming weekend, via Steve Dilbeck at the LA Times.
  • Jorge Jarrin on Dodger Talk speaks with Chad Billingsley and LA Times reporter Dylan Hernandez.
  • Emma at Dodger Blue World has just begun a short biography writeup on women ballplayers in the Negro Leagues.
  • Carson Cistulli at FanGraphs has the 2013 ZiPS Projections for the Dodgers.
  • BTW, SCP Auctions will have Reggie Jackson's game worn uniform from the 1977 World Series where he belted 6 homers against us for sale in their upcoming April auction.  I want to burn that thing so bad!
  • National Hockey Card returns to the USA, via Tom Bartsch at Sports Collectors Digest.  It will be on February 16th.  There are at least 6 card shops participating in the LA/OC area.  Go here to see a comprehensive list of stores.
  • Can't wait for the Super Bowl to watch commercials?  Well, watch a bunch right here at Fast Company.
  • Holy Moly!  Spiegel Online has the story and a 360 degree video available to view of 4 volcano's erupting concurrently in Kamchatka- a peninsula in eastern Russia.  What a sight!
  • Science is so incredible.  All of the things that we discover pales in comparison to what we still don't know.  So, when something comes along that boggles the mind I have to share it.  Gizmodo has a story about Japanese researchers capturing footage of a thought being formed in a brain.  Wow!

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  1. Please buy that Reggie jersey and hold a gathering where we all watch it burn.

    Also, I never knew that a sight called Spiegel Online existed. I need to find out if I get a piece of the action.


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