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Blog Kiosk: 4/6/2013

Above is a photo tweeted out by @BIGDADDYOUU of several of our young teen prospects who were recently signed by the Dodgers.  They are all playing in the Dominican Summer League right now.  There is Dennis Santana, Rafael Gomez, Carlos Aquino and another person who was not named in the photo. (I don't believe the above list is in order)
Q: Was there anyone still alive who you could draw upon to help you play Rickey?
A: There are, but I frankly depended less on that than a really good book by Jimmy Breslin written about Branch Rickey. There was a little bit of film, some recorded television appearances and speeches and a lot of audio tape. I based my representation of the character on that and also on many photographs.
"So many people are curious about how we were at home, thinking that we brought all the anger and chaos in there with us," Rachel Robinson, 90, said last week as she perched behind a desk at the gleaming offices of the education foundation she runs in lower Manhattan. "But we had a pledge to each other that we were going to try to keep the house a haven. Someplace safe. Someplace we didn't have to replay the mess outside."
The young pitcher says he is satisfied with his new life in the U.S. and likes to keep a low-profile. "I can go anywhere without having to conceal my identity," he says. "But hopefully if I score dozens of wins, more people will recognize me and come to our games."
"I had a little left-hand pitcher named Bobby O'Brien," Lasorda says. "He was on the mound. And we've got the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the eighth inning. I thought, Let me go out and talk to this kid. Let me go out and make him believe he can get this guy out.

"So I ran out to the mound and I said, 'Bobby, if the heavens could come apart right now and you could hear the voice of the Big Dodger in the Sky, and he says to you, 'Bobby, this is the last hitter you're gonna face on earth. You're gonna die and come with me …'
"I've played for Kansas City and Tampa, and the only time I've really been in a stadium this loud was Yankee Stadium, and being the opponent, they're all cheering against me," said Howell. "To have it for me, it gets the adrenaline going and it helps. The crowds here are amazing. I can get used to this."

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