Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Celebrating Jackie - Take a Look at a Rare Pasadena Junior College Photo

With this unofficially being Jackie Robinson week, I'm gonna take a little bit of time to post up some rare photos I've run across and some memorabilia that I have in my own collection. 

To start off, I thought the below photo would be fun to share.  It is a vintage press photo that features Jackie along with 3 other teammates from Pasadena Junior College.  I ran into this pic on reddit this afternoon and immediately asked the poster if I could share it here.  Thankfully, the redittor who goes by "threeslaps" said yes. 

"Threeslaps" tells us that the gentleman on the far right is his grandfather, Warren Williams.  As is often the case, the photographer wanted to feature the main subject in the center of the photo, so Warren was "x'ed" out (so to speak).  In fact, I've seen versions of this photo before (with only the three guys), but never had I seen the complete photo that includes threeslaps grandfather.  Unfortunately, I do not know who the other 2 gentlemen are.
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