Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heritage: Some Great Vintage Dodgers' Uniforms (from 1913 to 1965)

This is turning out to be a big month for auctions.  First you've got the SCP Auction featuring items from Steve Garvey's collection, and REA just opened up their once-a-year Baseball auction extravaganza (I'll write about this one soon).  In this post, however, I want to highlight Heritage's offering that includes some great game-used Dodger uniform pieces. 

Below is a 1965 Willie Davis game-worn jersey.
(auction link)

If you are looking for something really rare, check out this vintage 1913 Brooklyn Superbas (the former name of the Dodgers) road game jersey that was once worn by left-handed pitcher Earl Yingling.  This item is reaching the market for the first time.  It come directly from the Yingling's granddaughter. 
(auction link)

Here is another uniform from Earl Yingling.  This time we have the home white 1913 Brooklyn Superbas jersey.  Real game jersey's from this time period are exceedingly rare, so to have two of them available to view is a real treat.

(auction link)

This is just awesome.  This is said to be a 1955 Spring Training game cap once worn by Sandy Koufax.  From the auction description, as written by the consignor:
"My father Karl Drews played professional baseball for 21 years...He pitched in relief for the Yankees in the 1947 season going 6-6 and had two appearances in the 1947 World Series...He had his best season in the majors in 1952, winning 14 games and finishing 5th in the league with a 2.72 ERA. He finished his major league career in 1954 with the Cincinnati Reds. My father continued to play professional baseball with numerous minor league teams, eventually finishing his career in 1960 with the Mexico City Reds. When we were young our father brought home from his spring training site a hat that he said he got from a very young Sandy Koufax. He told us how he was a very young left handed pitcher who everyone had great expectations for and that he too thought would be a truly great pitcher one day. He told us how special this hat would be some day if Koufax had the type of career that the players and coaches envisioned. We kept the hat in our closet with other items from my father's playing days (there were no fancy hat boxes, bat holders, etc back then)...All of this information is true to the best of my memory and recollection and those of my older sister as well."
(auction link)

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