Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mailbag: A Vintage Van Lingle Mungo Card

My quest to chase vintage Dodgers' cards is in full swing.  I recently came across this beauty on eBay.  It is a 1936 National Chicle Fine Pens premium card/photo of former Dodger and all-around-ruffian Van Lingle Mungo.  The set it comes from is posthumously known as R313 in the Standard Card Catalog.

As you probably know, Mungo plays an infamous part in Dodger lore.  He was a known rabble-rouser and terrible drunkard during his playing days, and as you can imagine it caused problems off the field.  One story includes him having to escape Cuba during Spring Training in order to escape the police and an angry husband who caught Mungo cavorting with his wife and another women in the dead of night.  The angry husband was wielding a machete and had plans to kill Mungo.

Mungo may be more well known, though for a song that was named after him.  It was a little jazz ditty by Dave Frishberg called "Van Lingle Mungo".  Have a listen to that song here.

The card above had a fairly high opening bid, but not so high that it was over-priced.  In fact, I thought it was valued right were it should be, and immediately placed a bid in hopes of securing it.  With nobody else bidding, I won and walked away with this beauty at an affordable price of $15.00, delivered.

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  1. sweet pickup! and at a great price! I've only got one Mungo in my collection thus far.


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