Friday, April 19, 2013

Dodger Pride was on Display Last Night

The NHL hockey regular season is quickly coming to close.  The Kings are safely near the top of the pack in the conference, and baring a spectacular meltdown look headed to make the playoffs for the 4th season in a row.  They've rebuilt the franchise from the bottom up and are obviously reaping the rewards.  That being said, the Dodgers headed to the Staples Center last night in celebration of local sports pride, but I think the Blue Crew hoped a little bit of that Kings magic rubs off on them.

It was Dodgers Pride Night last night, and I was there to bask in its glory.  Furthermore, I wanted to make sure I got a glimpse of those cool looking Dodgers hockey jersey's the Kings would be wearing for the pregame warmup, so I had plans to get there early.  Unfortunately, that didn't go as planned.  By the time I did finally arrive the Kings were finishing up their warmups and I only had a chance to see them in Dodger Blue for just a few minutes.  Check out the only pics I was able to capture below.  Click any pic to embiggen.

Definitely not my best effort. 
(tweet link: @LAKings)

Fortunately, both the Dodgers and Kings provided a great back up plan.  Check out some of the pics provided by Juan Ocampo/LA Dodgers 2013 below and some videos by KingsVision.  Also, the pic above was tweeted by the Kings.

BTW, the Kings beat the suddenly good Columbus Blue Jackets, 2 to 1.  I swear, I turned to my seat-mates and said, "I don't remember Columbus being this good."  Anyway, on to the pictures.

In the above pic (from left to right) is Dustin "pancakes" Penner, Brad "put me in coach" Richardson, Slava "I'm better than Jack Johnson" Voynov, Mike "glad to leave Philly" Richards, and Alec "Estrada" Martinez.    Below left, Brad Richardson gets in front of the Kings flag and Dustin Brown shows his singular move to the camera on the right.  See more photos from the Dodgers at Jon SooHoo's blog here.  BTW, all of the photos were taken by Jon's cohort, Juan Ocampo/LA Dodgers 2013.

Here is a KingsVision video of the Kings in Dodger Blue.  The background music really sucks.  What's the deal, Kings?

 Video Link:

Tommy Lasorda was also on hand, and dropped the ceremonial puck.  I love how he crouches deep down to drop the puck, shakes Kings team captain Dustin Brown's hand, and turns around to leave without acknowledging the Blue Jackets captain, former Kings Jack Johnson.  This had my row busting up in laughter.

Video Link:

Then, Tommy Lasorda spoke with Patrick O'Neal. 

He went on to explain that you don't talk to the opposition as the reason he didn't acknowledge the Blue Jacket.  Tommy, I love you!

Video Link:

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