Friday, April 19, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 4/19/2013

From Last Nights Dodgers Pride Night at the Staples Center, here is Jim Hill, Luc Robitaille, Tommy Lasorda and Eric Stonestreet.  Pic via Twitter @Dodgers.
  • Mike Petriello at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness writes a timely piece called, "Is It Time For Yasiel Puig Now? How About Now? (No.)"  Mike is right, Puig just isn't ready yet.  But he will be once he figures out pitch recognition and can lay off the breaking stuff.
  • Mark Saxon at ESPN wonders, "Is Carl Crawford becoming a different kind of hitter?"
But what has been a surprise, a pleasant one, for Mattingly is Crawford's approach. Always a free swinger, Crawford has been more selective for these first few weeks. His batting average probably isn't particularly telling, but few would have expected a .426 on-base percentage from him at this point of the season, or really any point of a season. 
Playing for the Dodgers was truly a privilege.

Being able to carry the History and Tradition forward was everything one could ask for.
  • Jose Canseco recently appeared on reddit for one of their famous "Ask Me Anything" sessions.  Check it out here.
  • This might be the greatest name for a Dodgers podcast, ever!  Sit down a listen a little bit to "The Kurt Bevacqua Experience."
  • This is cute.  Watch Dodgers fans Adele and Anadel (who are twins) providing their most recent Dodger Fan Weekly Video Blog. 

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