Friday, April 19, 2013

2012 Panini Prizm Baseball - All the Dodgers' Cards

Panini just released their newest Baseball card set earlier this week and it's 2012 Prizm Baseball.  Why they continue to use the 2012 date I do not know - it's confusing... and stupid.  Anyway, this set is fulled with shiny chrome cards.  They also lack MLB team logo's, so they look a little strange.  Panini was shut out of a MLB license, but they did get a license from the Players Association.  Still, it's a little uncomfortable looking at a card and not seeing the Dodgers logo where it should be.

Below are all of the Dodgers' players you can find in the set, starting with the base set.  Panini even includes one old-timer, Fernando Valenzuela.

#3 Matt Kemp                                    #15 Hanley Ramirez

#29 Clayton Kershaw                          #39 Adrian Gonzalez

#82 Zack Greinke                               #110 Andre Ethier

#113 Carl Crawford                            #128 Fernando Valenzuela

#183 Elian Herrera RC
Elite Extra Edition Autograph Cards
 #EEECS Corey Seager
Team MVP Cards
#MVP14 Matt Kemp
Top Prospects Cards 
#TP6 Zach Lee
USA Baseball Cards
There is also an autographed version of this card.  Unfortunately, a photo of it is not available at this time.
#USA6 Clayton Kershaw

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