Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 5/22/2013

Perfection in motion.  Above is a pic of Clayton Kershaw doing what he does best.  Pic via the Dodgers tumblr Dodger Dugout Steps.
Yet H├ęctor Espino did not feel deprived or denied of anything; he could have played, yet he chose not to. To him there was nothing unfortunate at all about staying in Mexico. He embraced the baseball of his nation, and in doing so also rejected the notion that Mexico was some kind of little brother; that the United States owns the history of the sport. He refused to allow himself to be defined in American terms, to be measured by those who did not know him or his country. In the United States, Espino would have been a foreign entity - always and forever a Mexican slugger. His reward for staying home was a kind of heroism, a unique status of immeasurable respect and deep reverence that eludes all but a very few. Where else but Mexico could Espino have been Espino?
  • Dodger Penguin shares a a great autographed Baseball of Roger Craig that has the notation 1955 Champs.  Awesome!  I hate knowing that he used to skipper the hated SF Giants, but having that Dodger notation on the ball really helps erase that memory.
  • Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle shares his haul from this past weekends card show in Culver City.  I love the vintage Batman cards he got.  The artwork is fantastic.  Jesse at LA Inspiration also shares what he came home with.

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