Friday, May 24, 2013

ITPC: A Vintage Dodger Doll

I thought I'd take this time to post up about something I really love - vintage Dodgers memorabilia. 

Check out this circa 1950's Brooklyn Dodgers doll made by the Flagg Doll Company.  It stands 7" tall and appears to be in excellent shape.  Heck, it even has a wooden bat attached to it with twine, and its original box.  

This Dodger appears to be dancing.  He's got his arms up in the air and his knees bent, as if ready to boogie.  Better yet, he's got some dancing shoes on.  Hopefully, we'll see the current incarnation of the Dodgers feeling the same way soon.  The season's been too much of a downer.

The doll is available at In The Park Collectibles current auction.  See it here.
(auction link)

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