Monday, May 20, 2013

Matt Kemp's Hometown Hit With a Twister

Matt Kemp's hometown in Oklahoma got hit hard with a tornado this afternoon.  If you've been watching the news then it's likely you've seen the reports.  The town of Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City, was devastated after experiencing a large twister that has already taken the lives of 51 people.  Hopefully that number stays there.

Kemp was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma which lies adjacent to Moore.  This is the second large tornado to hit this area in as many years.  Back in 1999 a large EF5 tornado hit the area.

After this evenings game, Matt Kemp went onto twitter to lend his support.  He promises to donate some funds to the current relief effort.  See his tweet below.
(twitter link)
UPDATE:  Ken Gurnick at follow up this story:
He said he was in junior high school when an E-5 tornado with 300-mph winds hit the same area in 1999 and killed 36 people. He remembered accompanying a cousin who was hit by a foul ball in a baseball game to the local hospital and not knowing the tornado hit until the mangled patients started to arrive.

He vividly described the carnage he saw 14 years ago.

"And this one hit a school," he said. "I know where the schools are. My mom lived in a house in Moore and we gave it to my aunt and uncle. They weren't home today, but they said two blocks away there's nothing left. I've never been through an earthquake, but I've seen what a tornado can do and you just can't even believe it."

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