Friday, July 12, 2013

Nike Zoom Revis Matt Kemp PE Sneaker and Another Yasiel Puig Promo Card for the National

Matt Kemp sure has some nice sneakers.  Check it about above.  The pic was sent out via Kemp's Instagram account earlier today.

These are Nike Zoom Revis Matt Kemp Player Exclusive sneakers that he must have received today.  Via a story by Sir Lucas Leftfoot on, no public launch is planned at the moment, but you never know.  I'm sure sneakerheads who bleed blue will gladly wait patiently for the chance to add this to their collection.

UPDATE:  Here's another photo as found through twitter @JohnGeiger.


Not to be outdone, Yasiel Puig continues to bring excitement to the Baseball card hobby.  Panini America announced today that Puig will be included in their upcoming 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention Base Set.  It will be numbered to 499 copies, and there will be numerous parallel versions available numbered to only 5 copies.  Check more information on their blog, here.  Dodger fans will only have to a few more weeks before this can be added to their binders.

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