Friday, July 12, 2013

Some More Vintage Dodgers Snapshots on eBay

I came across another eBay auction of some fan-taken photographic snapshots of the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Well... At least, everything points to it being of the Dodgers.  Take a look.

These are three vintage Polaroid photographs that were clearly taken at Ebbets Field.  That's easy to tell because of the advertising on the outfield walls.  The giant Schaefer Beer billboard and Gem Razor ad are easily recognizable.  Additionally, I'm fairly certain that Jackie Robinson is featured at the plate in the photo on the left.  Check out an enlarged copy below.
(eBay Auction Link)

Jackie's batting stance is unmistakable, and so is the #42 on the batters back.

Unfortunately, the next photo is a little more fuzzy.  See it below. 
(eBay Auction Link)

Clearly, it is from before the start of the game as you can see the ground crew preparing the batters box with chalk.  In the foreground, a pitcher is seen warming up, but the seller (and myself) can't figure out who it is.  It cannot be a Dodger, since no one wore #47.  So, who is it?  If anyone has any clue please let me know.

As for the final photo, your guess is as good as mine as to who is shown pitching.

Still, I love checking out these kinds of vintage fan photos.  They are always one-of-a-kind and are unique in their own special way.  They allow me to look through the eyes of a fan who is sitting right there.  Can't you just imagine myself enjoying a hot dog and watching the Dodgers play?
(eBay Auction Link)

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