Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 Allen & Ginter - Dodgers Relic and Autographed Cards

Following up on yesterdays post featuring the Dodger base cards in the 2013 Allen & Ginter set, I now show to you the Dodger relic and autograph cards.  Check them out below.

Here are the mini relic cards.


#AGR-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez              #AGR-CBL Chad Billingsley

#AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez                  #AGR-MKP Matt Kemp

#AGR-SG Steve Garvey                      #AGR-ZG Zack Greinke

Full-Sized Relic Card

#AGFR-AE Andre Ethier                      #AGFR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

The below Matt Kemp box-loader cabinet sized card is a "1 of 1".  It features a game-used giant patch featuring Kemp's entire nameplate from the back of his uniform.  This particular card was just posted on eBay for sale.  It is currently priced at over $500.  See the auction here.  BTW, there is also a Kemp book cabinet card box-loader, a Adrian Gonzalez autographed box-loader, and Sandy Koufax autographed relic box-loader, but they have yet to be unearthed.

Cabinet Box-Loader Relic

#CBLR-MK Matt Kemp
(auction link)
(auction link)

There are also autographed mini cards for Sandy Koufax and Yasiel Puig, but they cannot be found in packs.  Instead, a redemption card is enclosed.


#AGA-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez                        #AGA-DS Don Sutton

#AGA-MW Maury Wills

There is also an original artist sketch card, numbered "1 of 1", of Clayton Kershaw (#AO-CK Clayton Kershaw), but that too has yet to be revealed.  Check out the only two sketch cards I have seen so far below.

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