Friday, September 06, 2013

2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball - The Other Dodgers' Inserts

Here are the remaining Dodger insert cards within the 2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball set.  It's hard to beat the Colgan's Chip cards I showed yesterday, but the beauty of these cards come very close.

Unfortunately, there aren't many Dodger autographed cards available, but they make that up with some other sharp looking inserts.  See them below.

The below Cooperstown Lumberjacks cards are made of real wood.  Along with Zack Wheat cards, I decided to also show John Montgomery Ward in this Dodger list - even though he played only two season in Brooklyn.

Each player has 3 different versions available.  If you look closely there are slight differences with each one.

Cooperstown Lumberjacks

#88 John Montgomery Ward         #89 John Montgomery Ward

#90 John Montgomery Ward

#91 Zack Wheat                                #92 Zack Wheat

#93 Zack Wheat

Cooperstown Lumberjacks Die-Cuts

#5 Zack Wheat

Cooperstown Signatures

#36 Tommy Lasorda                                   #92 Don Sutton

Historic Tickets

#3 1920 World Series                  #19 Roy Campanella

#24 Jackie Robinson


#14 Duke Snider

Museum Pieces

#5 Roy Campanella

Another great insert set are these mini-pennants fashioned after the 1916 Ferguson Bakery BF2 Pennants.  Two Dodgers are available, Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson, in two different colors.  I have not been able to track down a pic of a blue Campanella pennant.  BTW, there is also at 1980 HOF Induction pennant (#38) available that denotes the year Duke Snider was inducted.


#4 Roy Campanella

#32 Jackie Robinson

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