Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 10/1/2013 - Dodgers Links - Hairston, Puig, Scully and the Don

Can Terry Crews play centerfield?  Pic via Jon SooHoo/La Dodgers 2013.
  • Jerry HAriston Jr. is suffering through a back issue, via JP Hoornstra at Inside the Dodgers.
  • What their saying in Atlanta - "Favored or not, Braves confident facing Dodgers," via David O'Brien at AJC.com.  The Braves seem to think their the underdog.  Considering the recent injuries to the Dodgers, I don't think this holds true.
“Whether or not we get the publicity we should get, it’s just not important to us. We don’t need someone to tell us that we’re going to win or lose. It’s played on the field.”

"I would say on average, I get here at 3:30, and I work somewhere close to an hour and a half. That gets it to five of five. I have to tape an opening. I have to tape a little thing they put on the board, notes on the game. I'll come in and eat. I'll be finished eating. If my wife isn't at the game, automatically at six o'clock I'll call her to let her know that I'm here and find out what she's going through at home. And then after I make the phone call, I go back to look for any late notes, whatever. I might talk with one or two of the other team's broadcasters, say, 'What's new, who's doing what?' And then, by the time you're ready to go on, you have a head full of stuff."
"Once the game starts, he's still got that player mentality," pitcher Clayton Kershaw said. "He's pretty competitive. You definitely see why he was a successful baseball player."

Mattingly's calm demeanor in the clubhouse makes the players comfortable. His intensity in the dugout is what earns their respect. They feel as if he's protecting them.

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