Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Blog Kiosk: 10/8/2013 - Dodgers Links - Kasten, Scully and a Dodgers Celebration

Victory!  8 more wins to go!  Pic above above Clayton Kershaw via @Dodgers twitter.  Check out more pics from last night from Jon SooHoo, here.  How great would it have been if the Dodgers brought out a mini plastic swimming pool to bask in last night?
MLB.com: And now you are president of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Kasten: It all seems so unbelievable. … Once I saw the possibility of the situation with the Dodgers, I decided I was not going to get involved in anything else until I saw the [purchase effort] through. People would ask me, 'Why?' Simple. It was my dream gig. It's the Dodgers. I mean, the Dodgers. To me that explained it all. I was reading an article one day and it said, 'Dodgers President Stan Kasten.' I told my wife, read this. She started to read it and asked, 'How much do I have to read?' I told her, 'Just the first four words.'
From now until October 13 you can get various celebrities to record your outgoing voicemail message for $299 and all the money goes to the Autism Speaks charity.
"You don't ever want to come out of a game. You don't ever want to not pitch," said Kershaw. "Ultimately it's not my decision, but I'm never going to say I'm not ready. That's just not what you do."
  • Don't worry.  Matt Kemp didn't do anything last night to hurt his ankle.  gif below via Dodgers on tumblr.

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