Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Current and Former Dodgers Mouth off on Twitter

With all of the hoopla that naturally comes from a come-from-behind victory during the playoffs, it's only natural that Dodgers brethren, both current and old, would express their joy for all to hear.  Thankfully, twitter provides an avenue for us to hear their screams.  Below is a collection of some of the best yells.

From Alex "the best at-bat in Dodger history" Cora:

I was thinking the same thing.  It would have been hilarious if the Dodgers pulled out a little plastic kiddie pool to play in.

Luis Cruz will always be a Dodger to me.

Thanks, Blake!

Now we hear from some current Boys in Blue.

WooHoo!  Thank you Mr. Cy Young.

Is this the cutest couple in Baseball?

I wish I could get a piggy-back ride!

You were fantastic tonight, Carl!

And Punto's wife had a wild time yesterday.

AJ Ellis cracks me up!

Unfortunately, Steve Garvey had his own automotive issues last night.

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