Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dodgers Artwork at Hunt Auctions -- Including the Dodgers Sym-Phony Band & Willard Mullin

It is currently the 10th Anniversary of the Hunt's Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Auction, and it is a doozy.  There's a bunch of great stuff; including a ton of Dodgers memorabilia.  Over the next few days I'll share my favorites.

In this post, I show some great Dodger themed artwork.

Below is an original drawing by famed editorial cartoonist Willard Mullin.  It was originally published in the April 22, 1957 edition of the New York World Telegram and features the lovable Dodger 'Bum' with his belongings packed up and ready for a move.  The street signs make note that nobody is sure exactly where the 'Bums' will headed the next season, but that doesn't stop the beloved mascot from singing a tune.  BTW, this drawing was released just days before Walter O'Malley's official announcement that the Dodgers would be moving Los Angeles.
T'that other jernt in Joisey
Where we opens up t'day...
Yez c'n try t'figure where
This time nex' May...
'Cause O'Malley's still a-yellin',
An' his verse is raised on high.
For he still thinks he is gonna have his way!

We're poor little Bums
Who have gone astray.
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!
But wait'll we opens up in L.A.
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!
Yez don't know nuttin' fum what this means,
Yez gets dizzy wit' shiftin' scenes,
Now Bob Moses has us in Queens!
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!
(auction link)

The next three paintings were done by New York artist Andy Jurinko.  He passed away in 2011.  Jurinko is noted for his female nudes and Baseball portraits of Golden Age ballplayers.  His book called 'Golden Boys' is a must have for Baseball art fans. 

(auction link)

(auction link)

This last one is my favorite.

(auction link)

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