Friday, October 18, 2013

No Hanley Tonight - Here's the Starting Lineup

In pregame news that likely shocks, if not worries already nervous Dodger fans, the team reveals that Hanley Ramirez will not be on tonight's starting lineup.  In his place will be Nick Punto; who will hit in the #8 spot. 

This definitely is bad news for the Blue Crew.  Hopefully, Hanley is healthy enough to come off the bench, if needed.  At this time there is no news regarding his general health.

UPDATE: Dylan Hernandez provides some news about Hanley, and it's not good.

UPDATE II:  OK... Ignore everything above.  Hanley is in the lineup.  See my update post here.

UPDATE II:  Hold your horses... Hanley is still questionable.

Also, Yasiel Puig moves to the clean-up spot in the batting order.  This creates a Dodger lineup that's balanced "left-right-left-right-left-right" at the top.

In Cardinals news, they replace their centerfielder with Shane Robinson.  John Jay had a terrible time in the field in Game 5, so this is likely to help out the Red Birds defensively.  As for Robinson's bat, he is hitting just .250 with a .664 OPS for the season.  In other words, he's a step down.  On the other hand, Jay was hitting just .182 in the postseason.

Take a look at the Dodger lineup below.
(pic credits: @Dodgers on twitter)

Below is the Cardinals starting lineup:

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