Monday, October 21, 2013

So, Is Alexander Guerrero Finally a Dodger? ... It Sure Looks Like It

At least the week after the Dodger NLCS loss starts off with a bang.

As you may recall, from July to September there was news that indicated that Alexander Guerrero, a Cuban defector and hard-hitting infielder, had signed a contract to play for the Dodgers.  See my original story about it here.

Then, everything hit a wall.  The signing could not be confirmed.  He was not a Dodger.  In fact, we soon found out that he couldn't sign a contract if he wanted to.  His agent, at the time, was not certified with MLB, so everything had to be put on hold.  Soon after, word spread that super-agent Scott Boras was now his representative, and after some typical jockeying by him Guerrero came back on the market for every team to bid on.

Now, after many months of waiting the bidding process appears to be over.  Per a tweet from Jesse Sanchez of this morning, the Dodgers are 'again' the big winners.

If this number is correct it is a nice little raise from the previous numbers disclosed many months ago.  Previous reports put the contract at approximately $32Million for 5 to 7 years.  Jesse's new story on has more details on this new contract.
Performance bonuses of $1 million per year increase the potential value of the contract to $32 million. The 26-year-old Guerrero will be eligible for free agency after his age-30 season upon the completion of the deal.
Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times adds even more details.

I was a little hesitant to post up this story since I felt a bit foolish prematurely announcing his signing many months ago.  But, since more confirmation has now come from JP Hoornstra at the Daily News, Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times, and Ken Rosenthal at FoxSports, I have a higher level of confidence in saying this is basically a done deal (crossing my fingers). 

Alexander Guerrero is likely to be our everyday 2nd baseman, and I suspect he'll be playing Winter Ball somewhere.  Furthermore, this news probably means that Mark Ellis will not be returning to the Dodgers.  The Dodgers hold a team option with Ellis at $5.75Mil and a contract buyout of $1Mil. On the other hand, he could come back into the fold as a backup.

In honor of this signing I made a new fantasy card for Guerrero.  See it at the very top.  I used the classic 1959 Topps Baseball card design.  Also, I also added the fantasy card I made of him back in September at the very bottom.

Below are some workout videos of Guerrero found on youtube and

Video Link:

Alexander Guerrero works out as his former agent Rudy Santin describes his skill set as a player.

Video Link:

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