Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take a Look at the 1983 Dodgers Postcard Set

I recently purchased another decent sized lot of Dodgers postcards and found a complete 1983 Dodgers postcard set within it.  What luck, eh?

Check them all out in this post.  Click any pic to embiggen.

The 1983 Dodgers Postcard set features 12 postcards.  They were produced by Mike Roberts Color Productions out of Oakland, California.  They are numbered from #C35508 to #C35519.  A complete checklist is at the very bottom.

Below is an example of what the reverse of the postcards look like.  As you can see, the card number can be found on the lower left side.  Here is a complete checklist of the 1983 postcard set:
#C35508 Dusty Baker
#C35509 Burt Hooton
#C35510 Steve Howe
#C35511 Dave Stewart
#C35512 Mike Marshall
#C35513 Bob Welch
#C35514 Bill Russell
#C35515 Fernando Valenzuela
#C35516 Mike Scioscia
#C35517 SteveSax
#C35518 Steve Yeager
#C35519 Greg Brock

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